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Some recent and archive performances

'Introducing 'The Dementos'

'Introducing 'The Dementos' - The Mucus Features offshoot specialising in famous classic and lesser known novelty songs from every era. Our debut at Open Mic at the Old Hall Tavern on Thursday 20th August 2015, featured 'Ghost Chickens In The Sky', 'Mr. Custer' and 'Achy Breaky Song'.

'Phone Home'
The problems faced by sons with mothers who still nag them despite the fact they are grown up with wife and family. Another original song by Mucus Features recorded at The Walthamstow Cricket Club, November 19th, 2011.

'The Aztec Two-Step' - Old Hall Tavern 
Brian and Richard, together with the Fabulous Mucettes, (Lisa, Laura and Claire), demonstrate the 'latest dance sensation'. The Old Hall Tavern, Chingford, January 16th, 2014. This amazing display of terpsichory is courtesy of the aftermath of a particularly virulent meal. Original song and choreography from Mucus Features.

"I Can't Stand Spiders"

"Pensioner In Love" 
("Teenager In Love" parody)


"The Aztec Two Step" (2011)


"Dead Puppies"
(The Ogden Edsel favourite)


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